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Today Admob closed my publisher account after couple of years

Another update on 01/08/2011: Well, Admob closed my account again! I wont bother to get it back anymore. They had droppedmy fill rate to 5% anyway. They can take and do something with their network!

Update 07/04/2011 22:55 GMT: after admob's down time my account was enabled again. why? did they restore from old backup? did they re-enabled my account?


I have been publishing ads from Admob for few years now.

Although performance is not good as last year, when it comes to generating income, it still is the best mobile ad networks out there.

Not so best on other aspects of a healthy business relationship! Today they have closed my publisher account. When I try to login I get below message

“Your account has been disabled for invalid activity or repeated policy violations. Some examples include recurring manual clicks or impressions, violation of our content policies which can be found here, robots, automated click and impression generating tools, third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as pay-to-click, pay-to-surf, autosurf, and click-exchange programs, or any deceptive software.”

There is no other explanation, contact or email from Admob regarding the reason. I don’t know what wasn’t right with my site that caused my account to be closed.

As I’ve said I’ve been with them long time and as a sane person I would never jeopardise income coming from Admob with fake clicks. The only thing I think of is possible some adult content on my site. My site is community site and it is almost impossible to moderate content fast enough. I’ve to rely on automated check and reports from other users.

This shows how valuable we publishers are to Admob and Google. They just dismiss you even though you have been loyal to them long time.

I felt sad, I shouldn’t. This is business and putting all of your eggs in one basket makes you vulnerable!

Take my advice and never ever rely on one company! One day they might stab you at the back!

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Update: It seems there was a disable accounts campaign by Google Admob . Since I have published this post I've started to get  visitors from google with searches like

"Your account has been disabled for invalid activity or repeated policy violation"

"admob account disabled"

Also got linked from a Chineese forum at

Are you one of the victims? Were your earnings high?


Admob's Sales Exec Leaves

Admob's integration with google isn't going nicely! AdMob's CEO Omar Hamoui was leaving just 5 months after Google's purchase of Admob and now another AdMob vet and former Google exec, Tony Nethercutt, is leaving the search giant to join mobile ad firm Mojiva, as General Manager.

I guess this will imporove Mojiva's position in the mobile ad market.

See my list of mobile ad networks for some informationa bout Mojiva.