The Benefits Of Wearing Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo is now regarded as a highly versatile and remarkable natural resource. For hundreds of years, it has been used in Asia for a variety of uses that included medicine, textiles, construction and even cooking. However, only in the last few years has the Western world begun to discover how bamboo can offer an extensive range-of-benefits as well as eco-friendly solutions for many modern requirements. In a nutshell, bamboo can be described as an excellent, green resource that is greatly beneficial to the environment and the way that we all live.

Benefits Of Bamboo Underwear

Underwear made out of bamboo is extremely comfortable and is more absorbent and softer than traditional cotton. This contributes to a reduction in irritation and the perfect choice for individuals who have sensitive skin. Today there is a large selection of choices on offer when it comes to bamboo underwear. Bamboo also contains natural thermos-regulating and antimicrobial properties that assist in keeping away odor and moisture.

Underwear that is made out of bamboo absorbs any moisture, and this moisture evaporates efficiently and quickly. The fiber has cross-sections that feature several tiny gaps and holes that enable aeration as well as moisture absorption. This enables the wearer to feel comfortable as well as irritation free with underwear that helps you to feel fresh and clean throughout the day.

Natural bamboo fibers are extremely gentle on the skin, which makes bamboo underwear the ideal choice for individuals who have an allergy to wool or the man-made fibers like nylon. Growing bamboo needs much less water and is a naturally pest-resistant resource. This means that it does not need toxic and expensive pesticides that most of the typical textile crops use. This means that choosing bamboo products is a way to assist the economy as well as help in saving the planet.


Bamboo is truly amazing and is well-known for being one of the fastest plants that grow worldwide. Once harvested, the plant can regrow in under a year and some of the species grow around 120cm in a day. This naturally resilient and prolific plant does not require the use of fertilizers in order to grow. Because bamboo needs only a small amount of water to grow without the need for chemicals, it can be said that this type of environmental wonder-plant. In addition, bamboo also absorbs far more carbon dioxide when compared to timber or cotton.