Fictional Writers And Their Writing Careers

There are numerous fictional writers around the world who keep developing new works every single day. These are people who keep us happy and thrilled when we read their works. They have curved a career out of writing and they enjoy it. This is called selling your skills or talents which has turned to be a career for some people.

 When an alpaca farm came up for sale, we went to look at it. We fell head over heels in love with it … the farmhouse, the circular driveway, the big studio, the amazing barn, the rentable apartment, the property and the way the buildings were set up and … the alpaca.  We visualized our future there, living off the land, planning events and church gatherings and weddings in the barn and hosting craft days in our own studio.

We pictured how cute those alpaca would be running up to greet us when we would return home. That’s what they did when we came to check out the farm, they ran along the fence to greet us! It was so charming. They must have known we would be suckers for that.

We were really serious about the farm. We couldn’t get it out of our heads. We dreamed of ways to decorate the house and imagined waking up every morning to make a farmhouse breakfast. We dreamed of looking out the window to see our doodles Jack and Lily frolicking through the fields with the alpaca. We dreamed of having chickens. We thought of great ways to use the property and figured out how it might impact the things we already do in positive ways. It was a dream in so many practical ways, as well as impractical ways.


Understanding The Music Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has been on the rise for the last decade with more and more people appreciating the work of the entertainers. The most advanced sector in entertainment is the music industry and it has employed thousands of people. This ranges from the producers, the musicians and the marketers on the ground among others. Keep reading for more insights.

This week I delivered a keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the future of media. I focused on three key areas of digital content:

  • Digital Music
  • Online Video
  • Mobile Apps

Pulling together these three different strands really shone a light on where music sits in the broader digital economy.  One of the key themes I explored was how the streaming music business relies on pretty much the same model as mobile games like Clash Of Clans, i.e. relying on a tiny share of the total audience to pay. The big difference is that the annual ARPU of a King customer is $290.41 while for Universal Music the annual ARPU of a streaming music subscriber is $29.77.  Universal Music rightly got a lot of attention recently for becoming the first billion Dollar streaming music company. Universal has managed to make streaming revenue scale. However streaming remains a revenue stream that is plagued by free. Only 10% of the total streaming audience (i.e. including YouTube and Soundcloud) is paid, and though this small group generates 71% of Universal’s streaming revenue, the blended ARPU is just $4.15. That’s $4.15 for the entire year of 2015, not per month.


Identifying A Good Interest To Occupy Your Free Time

There are numerous things that you can do to occupy your free time. if you are good at drawing you can start of with drawing pictures of what you love and keep polishing your skills. Before long you will have something presentable that you can show to your friends or even start making money from it.

Doing something one-on-one with one or both parents can be a treat for your child, especially in larger families. An occasional movie together, or even a quick meal or a drink in a café after another activity, can feel a bit special.

These activities might not happen spontaneously. You might need to discuss ideas with your child and plan to spend some time together.

Other mums and dads suggest the following activities for sharing free time with your child:

  • seeing a movie you’re both interested in
  • listening to music together at home or going to a concert
  • going to a football game or other sports match
  • checking out local events such as markets, festivals or environmental activities
  • going away for a weekend to an event, such as a show or an exhibition
  • cooking together
  • going out for a meal together
  • working on a home project together – for example, redecorating a room or making furniture.

If spending free time with you is a new thing, your child might take a bit of persuading before she’s keen. If this is an issue, you could consider inviting one or two of your child’s friends along as well.

If you spend time together often enough, your child will probably build up more enthusiasm, so keep trying. You might need to try a range of activities before you find one you both like.