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Just Keep Singing Better And You Might Become A Star One Day

Justin Bieber is not a name that you would not know. His name is known around the world today and he had already become an international star when he had not even gone past his teen years. The hatred for him is also not something hidden from the world. We see online that his videos have the highest views among the videos of any other stars like him. However, one would be surprised looking at the likes and dislikes. There are just as many dislikes on his videos as there are likes.

As they say on the internet haters are going to hate. Despite all the bashing he receives from most of the guys, he has become an artist whos heard all around the globe. His debut album called My World was released in 2009 and 7 songs right from this debut album reached some top positions on Billboard Hot 100. This was an achievement because this had not been done ever before. His first album My World was not a full album but rather an EP. This amazing artist has won over 50 mentionable awards for his talent at such a young age.

Justin Bieber might be a greatly known artist, but it does not mean that there are not many like him in the world. It is all about getting discovered. Justin Bieber did not become a star out of nowhere. He had been doing a lot of hard work before he became famous. He was releasing his videos on Youtube wherein he used to perform various songs. Scooter Braun discovered him while watching videos on YouTube and he had to take permission from his mother to let Just Bieber work with him. He became a singer by singing relentlessly.

It would only be pessimistic thinking if you think you cant be a singer like him. You can be just as famous as him but you will have to keep faith in your singing. If you find yourself comparing to Justins singing and you think that your singing is not as good as him, you can still improve. Instead of worrying you can spend time in learning how to sing for a year and then start releasing your videos on YouTube just like him. However, you will have to choose the best singing lessons online in order for you to become a great singer.

In fact, there are many websites on the internet that will teach you how to sing like him. Of course, this should not stop you from singing naturally, but he can always serve as a great source of energy and inspiration for you. Just in 2013 Justin Bieber had already beaten Lady Gaga in the number of followers they both had on Twitter. He was too impressed by someone and the artists that inspired him to sing include Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson, Usher etc. Once you become a great singer, just be sure to stay responsible for your actions.