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Life Biography Of Michael W Smith: A Famous Gospel Artist

Michael W. Smith is a gospel musician who was born in West Virginia. As a little boy, Michael W. Smith enjoyed playing basketball. However, his great affinity for music made the difference between him and other boys. He began to play piano at a very young age, and you can use this link to learn about other musicians. Michael W. Smith had penned his first song at the time he was five years old. His hobby was singing in the choir and committed himself to the Lord in his teenage. Michael W. Smith enjoyed nurturing his musical talent from childhood while praising God with other believers in the neighborhood.

Michael W. Smith is one of the gospel musicians who is not only highly talented but also has a profound faith and great looks. He has achieved great success in the gospel music business. He is also a good role model in the modern American music through his faith and great music.

The artist experienced a very low point in life when his Christian friends who were older went off to college. After high school, he joined the college for less than one year before quitting and dedicating his life to writing songs. Experimenting with music by writing songs brought to him a feeling of wholeness and happiness. He participated in several local bands at that moment, and professional songwriting was the best career for him as he had a great passion for music.

He published his first song in 1981 with a publishing company. He gave up on his odd jobs of which the landscaping business was among them. He began by writing songs for an upcoming musician whose name was Amy Grant. He later gained the reputation of a successful songwriter by writing for artists such as Sandi Patty and Bill Gaither. Michael W. Smith also got an invitation to play a keyboard for the management of Army Grant on one of her tours, and he delightfully accepted.

Michael W. Smith released his first album in 1983. The album had an overwhelming response in the global market, and it got a nomination for a granny award. He released this album on the Reunion Records Label, which was an initiative of the Amy Grant management. Most of the mainstream companies were skeptical on recording Christian music, and they had to begin their recording company. This label became a great success until the music giants BMG records owned it entirely by 1995.

Michael W. Smith was very keen on following up on the success of his first album. He released three more albums in 1984, 1986, and 1988. His 1990 mainstream hit âPlace in This World âwas very successful and made him establish his label known as Rocktown Records in 1996 in order to promote other gospel artists.
Some of the national tragedies like the Columbine attack motivated him to write some songs for the victims. He became a close friend of the Bush family, and philanthropist and U2 leading man, Bono. In 2003, he received the GMA award for the male vocalist of the year. His albums received an ever growing client fan base in 2004 and 2006. We had several Christian youth camps around the country that were playing his music.

The career of Michael W. Smith has been so far illustrious and long. He has so far recorded 22 albums of which one was a live album in 2002. Michael W. Smith is one of those gospel artists who have fully cemented their place in gospel music annals of American musicians. He is a proud winner of 34 Dove Awards, holds three Granny Awards and has received nine nominations. His musical talent and faith in God keep him on top of the game in the gospel industry.