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Why North Cornwall Is A Superb Holiday Destination For Everyone

North Cornwall offers its guests more than just a beach holiday. Its landscape offers tourists a feast for their eyes. You can expect to see scenic coves, dramatic cliffs, a rich countryside and of course, breathtaking bays. There are 40 miles of coast along North Cornwall, giving you a lot of options when it comes to vacation destinations. 

Depending on what kind of tourist you are, there are destinations and activities that will be perfect for you:

1. Family with kids

A beach holiday is always a top choice for families with kids. If you would like an activity-filled one with the little ones, then North Cornwall is the best destination for you! You can find a lot of family-friendly parts in the area, offering sheltered seaside places that offer complete amenities, including showers, toilets, cafes and beach huts for rent. 

You can enjoy a whole host of activities as well like surfing, snorkeling, and rock pooling. Little kids can enjoy making sandcastles on beautiful golden beaches and playing in shallow waters. You can also be assured of safety as some of these beaches are protected by lifeguards. 

North Cornwall also offers more than just the beach for families, with amusement parks like the Crealy Great Adventure Park. This 111-acre park featuring 35 acres of outdoor play and an indoor play area, as well as animals and live shows is a destination that you should not miss.

2. Couples

Pairs who are looking to escape the big cities can find quiet coves perfect for some cuddling time together. Some harder-to-reach beaches will be worth the trip because you can avoid crowds and be able to have romantic walks along the beach while enjoying the beautiful views. 

You can also opt for some short hikes along the cliffs, where you might be able to discover hidden waterfalls that are breathtaking and perfect for short dips together. There are also traffic-free bike routes, allowing you to explore the rich countryside and the best scenes North Cornwall has to offer. Moreover, you might be rewarded with views of local wildlife.

3. Friends

Friends traveling together for a long weekend can try out the surfing and bodyboarding options available in North Cornwall. You can also join the yearly World belly boarding championships. In fact, there are many opportunities for water activities for you and your gang, like canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing. 

There are many non-beach destinations as well, including Roman castles and Camelford, believed to be the site of King Arthurs Camelot.

All guests will be able to find numerous accommodation options of all sizes, from single apartments to beachside holiday cottages in North Cornwall. At the same time, you can find numerous dining options that offer fresh and locally produced meals as well. From local pubs to even fine dining restaurants, you will be able to indulge in rich and delicious specialties of the area. Or if you prefer to prepare your own meals, self-catering cottages will also allow you to do so. In fact, however you decide to travel and with whom, you will find North Cornwall the perfect destination for you. A mix of adventure and quiet, there is no other place where you should plan your next holiday.