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Even Engadget likes Nokia N9 :)

Nokia's new MeeGo handset Nokia N9 started to get some love. Even Engadget likes N9 and N950.

Its not just  Engadget,  quite few people have positive views about new Nokia N9.

In addition to that, there are good news from Myriad, according to SlashGear have promised a commercialy release their Alien Dalvik platform for N9.

Alien Dalvik runs Android applications on MeeGo as they are native apps.


Exciting times ahead?  Not really. Nokia promised to release N9 in September 2011. Assuming they can meet this deadline (they never do!) MeeGo Hartman is not a piority for Nokia anymore. Windows Phone is.

It looks like  unlike its big brother N900, N9 will have more people excited but that's about it.

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