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My Android Market pleace exprience with a simple app called QFS Android

So I've wanted to create an app for the new hype android, to see if it would be feasible to learn Java and Android.

When you are busy and got lots of things going on, it takes long to learn a new language. Due to that I’ve picked easy way before I decide. Find freelancers and get your app written for you.

After a week or so my app QFS file share was ready. It is a simple app that allows you to privately upload your media or files to It uses default android controls, there is no fancy UI. Getting a fancy UI costs a lot :) Here are the two views of the app.

It cost me following:

-  550 USD paid for the test phone

- 138 USD paid to freelancer who wrote it

- 25 USD paid to Google for Android Market place membership

- 50 USD to Admob for advertisement plus 10 USD bonus from Admob


I’ve bid 0.03 USD per click on Admob and received 2000 clicks within 20 minutes. Unfortunately out of 2000 clicks only 80 of them converted to installation. Today, only 73% of these installations are active.

As you see; not a good result. Probably waste of money too. It may be my app isn’t good enough, but never the less I expected at least 200-300 installations. Another issue is that I don’t know who clicked my ads. Admob does not give you geo stats on ad clicks.

It looks like I don’t need to learn another language just because it is the new buzz.


If you are interested with QFS App here are the screenshots and download links.

 Market link : market://details?id=com.nll.QFS

 Direct download: 

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  • youngbobby

    2/5/2011 10:58:04 PM | Reply

    Nice one Lust. Really good but i was hoping that such thing could be implemented for s60 mobile phones. Would be cool if you ask me Smile

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