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On the fly video thumbnailing with Movie Thumbnailer & Classic Asp

Update: For more advanced .Net C# version of this see


Here is another simple code to get thumbnails of uploaded videos.

You need to;

Get MTN from 
Extract it in a folder called thumbnailer under your web root 
Get ASPEXEC.rar (135.80 kb). Install aspexec.dll to your server (regsvr32 %pathtodll%) 

Create an upload script with your favorite upload component

Edit your upload script and insert below code after upload process


Set objExecutor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")

objExecutor.Application = Server.Mappath("thumbnailer/mtn.exe")

objExecutor.TimeOut = 9000

objExecutor.Parameters = "-b 1 -j 100 -o .jpg -c 1 -r 1 -i -t -P -w 0 -O "&thumbnailpath&"\thumbnail.jpg"

objExecutor.ShowWindow = False

Set objExecutor = Nothing


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