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A Review Of Best Digital Pianos For Beginners

You could be a beginning piano player or novice, and you wish to purchase your first piano. You should note that digital pianos are not similar. These music devices vary in quality, weight, and size and you can find more reviews following the site The most important thing to note about modern digital pianos is that they have a weighted-key action. They are more portable than previous models even though you have to tune them like traditional equipment. Here is a brief review of 4 best digital pianos for beginners.

Casio CPS-85

One of the features of this digital device is that it is not heavy and highly portable. It offers the feeling of an upright piano and its an excellent tool for practice. However, the keyboard has very light keys. You can either go for the high sound option or the more relaxed one. The harpsichord and vibraphone offer a lot of enjoyment as you play and practice your favorites. It is one of the best pianos I can recommend to beginners.

The Roland HP37

This is another good digital piano that we can review. It is very suitable for beginners who want a lot of piano practice. The reason is that it has very light keys that make it somehow unrealistic for professionals. It is the best music instrument for armatures and beginners who are still learning the piano and its keys. They will offer you the harpsichord, pipes, grand piano, and electric piano. In addition, you will also receive eight demo songs for your practice. The Roland HP37 is very portable and occupies little space. The equipment comes along with headphone jacks so that you can be the only one listening to the songs as you practice that masterpiece.

Yamaha P120

The Yamaha P20 is the best device in case you are looking for a grand piano. The main advantage of this invention is that the weight of its keys sounds very close to the grand piano. The model also comes with the option of setting keys. You can set them soft, medium, or high and they weigh about 40 pounds. This Yamaha model is a great art piece, and the two grand piano settings provide realistic and impressive sounds that no one can ignore. The Yamaha P20 also offers you the organ setting and the harpsichord which are very realistic. The main drawback of this model is that it has very few models and whistles.

Kawai MP9000

This is a digital piano that has wooden keys and is similar to the grand piano. It possesses a bounce back action since it has two hammers located below and on top of the keys. The model is heavy if you compare it with the other three digital pianos. It weighs close to 100 pounds, and the piano is good for classical and jazz music.


We have a broad range of digital pianos market. However, not everything is suitable for beginners. Learners need something that is easy to understand and handle. This article focuses on top four reviews for digital pianos for beginners.